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Known for her panache in making us SWEAT through her killer workouts and booty blasting sessions, it’s her spirit, will-power and vigour that keeps us going. Her female empowered online driven PT sessions as well as in the gym in Muswell Hill, have transformed bodies, and ultimately minds, in promoting a healthy approach to working-out and nutrition. With motivational live workouts and ejecting an energy that is nothing but contagious, together with her trainers the app offers over 30 live sessions a week.

Ciara emphasises strength training, and her programmes often focus on building lean muscle, fat loss, and overall body toning. Her fitness approach combines weight training with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions.

body by ciara PRODUCTS

As a family run business we take pride in every single product we create and sell, from workouts and classes, to fitness products, socks and T-shirts. We have created these products with love and care, and the aim of assisting your workout journey whether you are in the gym, at home or on holiday! Please enjoy our products as much as we do.

Ciara and team x

Body by Ciara App

Body by Ciara App

The app offers a mix of HIIT, Strength, Sweat, Booty Building, Yoga, Form, Pilates, Pre and Postnatal, Beginner and Holiday workouts.

With a vast number of live classes and pre recorded workouts that can be done at a time to suit you together with workout plans for all levels, including complete beginners.


body by ciara gym

In 2022 she opened her first gym in North London, which brought everything and everyone together from online, to reality. Teaching killer in life workouts, and intense online workouts there is something for everyone in the Body By Ciara collective. The gym has become renowned for heavy lifting, amazing vibes and 10/10 workouts. While the app is the perfect ‘in your pocket PT’ - easily affordable, accessible and available to everyone.