Meet Ciara The Mastermind Behind Body by Ciara

Meet Ciara: The Founder of Body by Ciara

Ciara London is an expert when it comes to training the female body. If your goal is increasing your fitness levels, building that booty, working those abs, getting that sexy back, and strengthening your legs - then Ciara’s style of training is perfect for you!

She has been personal training females both online and in real life for nearly 10 years now, and uses her expertise to apply her Sweat, Sculpt and Strength training styles to the female body for maximum results. A combination of HIIT training, resistance bands, weights, abs and core are the magic ingredients - and our products are designed to help you on your way to baking the perfect cake (literally).

Ciara has partnered with brands such as Gymshark, USA Pro, Aveeno, Teals, L’oreal, Sony, Sky, Flannels, Bulk, Reebok, JD Women, Next and Under Armour to name a few! She has also been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Face Magazine, Evening Standard and The Daily Mail - and essentially she has become a name you can trust, with a close knit community to vouch for it!